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Richard  Mamba Kpota :  driving force behind the "société civile"

Richard is the driving force behind a group of people of Aketi who work with the vzw Aketi and the professors of the university of Kisangani to execute and organize the projects we selected with them.

Via e-mail, he reports monthly to the vzw and the professors about the progress of the projects. This allows us to adjust if necessary. He sends pictures of the realisations. The professors travel to Aketi every month to discuss, control and guide the société civile. The vzw Aketi goes twice a year.

The société civile, managed by Richard Mamba, organizes the supervision of the three potable water pumps. They are well maintained to avoid vandalism. To finance this, a small contribution is asked of that part of the population that can afford it.

Together with some members of the société civile, he volunteerd to take on the project of the model pig-breeding which shows the population how to organize pigsties in the most hygienic and efficient way. This is one of the ptojects to provide food in a durable way to the population of Aketi.


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