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Les soeurs Monique Sombo et Christine Abakalimesi.

The convent, built in the 40-50ies of the last century, is the only place where we can spend the night. There is no comfort, the building is too big for the two sisters to maintain. It is next to the girls' school.


Many associations use the rooms for meetings. In one of them, we installed the internet café.

On the roof of the convent we installed the solar panels. This provides the internet café and the convent with electricity. They had an old generator to provide light after 6 p.m. but no money for fuel.

We also installed a parabolic antenna to get internet connection via satellite.

The sisters accepted to start to project of the model chicken farm. This small scale project shows the parents via the schoolchildren how to provide for durable and healthy food.

Mai 2016

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