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Madame   Justine Moma

La dirigeante de l'association des mamans pour le developpement d'Aketi

A group of fifty women have formed the "Association des mamans pour le développement d'Aketi”.

As in most developing countries, the role of women is very inferior to that of men.

From the first introduction to Aketi, we have become acquainted with this group of women. The president, Ms Justine Moma, is very passionate and defends energetic the rights of women and their position in society.


The association Aketi tries to take the fullest possible contact with Amada given the importance of such an organization not only in the eye of the emancipation of women, but plays a crucial role in the socio-economic development of the region.




One of the first projects of the association Aketi was the delivery of six sewing machines in September 2015 by the Association of Mothers of Aketi. Today, this is a profitable workshop. They mainly make clothes for ladies, also shirts for men, school uniforms, etc .. With the sales they make all profit ..

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