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 Support the children of Aketi 

This once thriving region in the north of Congo has completely been neglected and isolated from the rest of the world since the mid-nineties. Vzw Aketi started different projects from scratch.

In Aketi lives a community of 135,000 residents. After 6 p.m. and before 6 a.m. there is no activity possible.


There is NO electricity, there are NO wells with clean drinking water, and there is a very poor connection to the rest of the world. A new dirt road, 2 years old, connects Kisangani to Aketi via Buta. this is about 450 km, but the residents have virtually no transportation.

There are currently schools, but the existing schools operate with a very minimum amount of resources. For example most schools have no books, no pens, worn out desks, old chalkboards, etc.

There is no agriculture, therefore the population has to find food in the jungle. Without knowledge of agriculture, the residents are exhausting the forest. Resources get distinct.


The Itimbiri is the only water source near Aketi. Fish stocks are severely depleted.


There is no livestock farming. The food provided to the population is very limited with many health problems as a result.


you can deposit directly to the account number

of the vzw Aketi : BE31 7360 1288 0755

Our goal

Provide for the basic and fundamental needs of the population of Aketi.

Drinking water, electricity, education, work, hygiene, medical care, communications, etc ......

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