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Sun is the only thing that is widespread. Solar panels are therefore appropriate to provide energy.

Now its pitch black at night from 18 pm to 6 am. At night there is no activity possible.

The vzw Aketi cooperates with Focus, a Belgian company that has experience in Congo. It is a non-profit organization that realizes energy projects in the poorest regions and works with local partners.


They select those centers where the needs are high and where there is sufficient local resources to achieve the project and secure the installations. They do prospecting, preparation and implementation: They transfer the installations to the local controller, with an extensive workshop.


They also have a local maintenance team which is managed from Focus to do maintenance on all their systems.


Together with local partners, the vzw Aketi decided to put the solar panels on the roof of the convent. That is the best and safest place. The monastery is closed at night with three gates and has a guard day and night.


Solar panels can generate electricity for minimal lighting at night. Initially this will only be possible to a very limited extent.


An absolute necessity is to supply Internet communications with power. Given Aketi is situated far from and disconnected from the rest of the country, a modern form of communication is an absolute necessity.


We also hope to install fridges in the future. Now nutrition can now not be stored.


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