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Who are we

The non-profit organization Aketi is a  private initiative of families and friends, with no government support.


We cooperate with the university of Kisangani and with local associations and committees such as the school directions, parent organizations, societé civile, the “association des mamans pour le developpement d’Aketi”. (Amada)

Our supporting partners are 3 professors of the university of Kisangani, the faculty of Science.

They started their project 20 years ago in the Kisangani area, focusing on better nutrition; with more variety; durable agriculture, livestock farming, fishing, rice cultivation, plantations. Together with their students, they do fieldwork and go into the jungle.


Their vision matches the goals we like to accomplish with vzw Aketi.

Professor Dr. Benjamin Dudu Akaibe of the University of Kisangani Faculty Science, Biology

Professor Dr. Guy-Crispin Gembu of the Universiteit of Kisangani Faculty of Science, Biology

The professors are helping us to contact and work together with the local authorities and associations.


They have now expanded their field work and expertise to the Aketi Region.


Their help is vital. We share the same goals.





Professor Dr. Célestin Danadu of the university of  Kisangani Faculty Science, Biology

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